RV Dealer

We helped this company grow their online brand, increase their monthly consignment units and build their reputation.

Medical Supply Company

We helped this company increase their monthly revenues, developed a new, custom ecommerce website, developed a customer service system, build and maintain their reputation and expand their business.

Healthcare Supply Company

We helped this company manage their online brand, reputation, customer service and upgrade their website.

Review | TriPro Web | Chat Bot Lead Generation

Hello TARS

"I have strived my whole life to perfect the lead generation process in an attempt to secure my ticket to the pearly white plastic table covered in obscenely large lanyards. Part of this endeavour has involved talking to those I consider to be the best lead-gen minds of our time. The lead generation saints if you will. This week, we spoke to one such individual and jotted down some notes to share with you. Mark Idzik, a US-based digital marketer, used a chatbot to double the conversion rate on one of his client sites (that is 2x in case you were wondering)."

Chat Bot Provider

This is an article from TARS, a leading chat bot provider explaining our use of their system to greatly increase lead generation for our clients.


Online Marketing

“Mark has been a tireless advocate on behalf of my website. He does not rest until your company name comes up first in every possible category. He is forever tweaking your website behind the scenes until he gets the results he thinks you deserve. I could not possibly recommend him any higher, and best of all, Mark has been an absolute joy to work with.”

Dave G.

Personal Trainer & Health Coach

We helped this health coach with his online presence, building his customer base and reputation.


Marketing Strategy & Implementation

"Mark at TriPro Web is an amazing asset to my company and any future company that chooses to work with Mark! He goes above and beyond what is asked or expected of him and provides quick results. We were having a hard time with getting online leads and online presence until mark stepped in! I am happy to say we made more money In the last year using mark then we had since 2006! He is essentially the best asset to my company and came highly recommend to me by another company. The only thing I was told to do was, “Listen to Mark and I Promise he will change your company and life” and that was the best business advice I ever received! I cannot thank you enough Mark for all your hard work, dedication, long hours, and commitment (to our company)! You are hands down an amazing and genuine person and we love working with you and will continue to work with you for many years to come! Thanks a billion Mark!!

Ashely P.

RV Consignment Manager

We helped this company develop their marketing program to increase their consignment unit leads and intakes.


Search Optimization

“Before working with Mark and his staff, I spent thousands of dollars with other SEO companies with mediocre results. After 2 weeks… I was on the first page of Google! The attention my catering company has been given is unparalleled. In today’s tough economy [they’ve] provided me with real results and are now an integral partner in all my marketing efforts.”

Kevin W.

Catering Company

We helped this health coach with his online presence, building his customer base and reputation.


Online Marketing

"Just wanted to say thanks for getting on Facebook and listing us as a resource ... As of today (3 days later) we have 2 more Diesel Pushers sitting on our lot. Thanks again!"

Renae C.

RV Rental Company

We helped this RV rental company establish their online presence, repair their online reputation, grown their customer base and social following.



Software Development

“Mark your (software) tool is perfect, this was my dream since I started in the marketing world, I was thinking to open a freelance project to have somebody to build a software like yours...Thank God that I did not started. I was lost in the middle of my excel spreadsheets, folders with a lot of information and no schedule at all for my IM efforts, now with [your software], my approach has totally changed, definitely is a game changer, really heaven sent. Feel free to publish my testimonial and keep up the good work!!”

Julio V.


We developed software to help online marketers automate online tasks.